Relaxing the Brain

Relaxing the Brain — that sort of sounds like an Orson Scott Card novel in the making.. but.. onto the reason I am writing this today:

You know what happens? You get to be my age.. a nice 29 (just go with me there, okay?!), you work 10 or so hours a day (and yeah, some days are 12.. some 14). You drive 30-40 minutes each way to work. Or, you have to travel for work– which means (for me), driving 300-1000 miles, working 18 hours a day and collapsing into bed when work is finally over with. You’ve got a 13 year old boy, who thinks 20:30-21:00 is an excellent time to ask Mom to play Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit. And you haven’t even cooked a decent meal in 2 weeks, let alone gone to the laundry.

There is simply no more energy left to read a book.

I used to be able to read 3-4 books a week. More if it was fiction. Now I am lucky if I can get through a chapter a night. And that better be a Stephen King type paragraph — 2 sentences, or I’m asleep before the third sentence starts.

A friend just finished with some old pulp books – I just can’t resist Nero Wolfe — and I’ve got them loaded onto my ebook. I’ve now been carrying the ebook around with me for the past week and a half.. and I am proud to announce..

I’m through chapter 2.

Real chapter length, even.

I’ve missed reading a lot. Books have always been such a part of me — part of my day, part of my daily excitement that I looked forward to. Having lost the ability to read the way I used to was a bit upsetting.

But.. as I’ve written before, I’ve been “smelling the roses” a lot lately. One of my “roses to smell” is making sure that I /make/ time to read.

I haven’t felt this good in ages — brain good, dontcha know. What I mean is this: I work a lot, I manage a big company with a lot of people, I have a lot of responsibility there. And I am divorced, with a 13 year old boy. I support myself, and what we have is all we have. It’s..stressful, to say the least. But even with just the bit of reading I have been able to do, I already feel better.

My mind has had a chance to relax.

That just sounded inane to me the first time I thought it. But when thinking about it since, and then writing in my journal about it, I came to the conclusion that it was just exactly that. My mind has been able to relax.

My goal is to read a lot more. Hopefully, I can settle in a bit with work and things, and be able to actually finish a novel sometime before hell has frozen over..or the month of July ends. One of the two.

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