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Things that make life easier – August 07 – Remote Access


LogMeIn is one of those things that I could no longer live without.

Though Remote Desktop, with WinXP, works okay, and if I remember to forward ports, VPN is good as well, there are times when I need to log in to a family members computer to fix something. LogMeIn makes it pretty easy to do. When I travel for work, this is almost indispensable, as getting around firewalls, port forwarding..ssh keys…. ahh.. so good to have something simple to use.

LogMeIn is available in ActiveX, Java and HTML. I have been using the Java version using FireFox – it works quite well. Using IE, I stick to ActiveX. And although I appreciate all the work that went into the HTML version, I don’t suggest it unless absolutely necessary.

The target computer must have LogMeIn service installed and running, making this the one step you’ll have to walk your grandmother through. Once this is done, it’s run on startup, and runs in the background.

To log in to it, you’ll log into, using email and password, select the computer you wish to log into, and off you go. There are quite a few options to select from, depending on your needs.

I personally use the free version – which is unencrypted and does not allow for drag-drop moving of files from one computer to another, nor printing. Easy enough to get around – either via email (use gmail and send yourself a file), or, foregoing LogMeIn completely and using an FTP for those files that gmail and other email providers do not allow. If you need encryption, print capability, drag drop functions, then go for the Pro version. the Pro version is 256 bit ssl and for $12.95, not really a bad price.

As far as I know, this works with WinXP, Win2k, and up. I’ve heard that it will support Linux at some point, but as of now, it still does not. And as of now, it appears that LogMeIn has a beta out for Mac users. LogMeIn also supports various languages including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese and more.

Though there are other providers of services like this ( as an example – and I’ve used this quite a lot with work, as we use the pro version, encrypted, print and drag drop enabled), I’m quite satisfied with LogMeIn. I love being able to log into home when needed, and into family members boxes when necessary.  LogMeIn really is one of the things you just can’t do without.

1 thought on “Things that make life easier – August 07 – Remote Access”

  1. In my opinion the best client is to use Firefox plugin – it will ask you to install it on first visit, if you have Java disabled – like I do.

    Also, if you need to use several remote desktop connections at once, check out Terminals – – which gives you tabbed remote desktop client and some other goodies. Latest betas also have a VNC client built in. Terminals also keeps its configuration in a XML file, so you can easily run it from USB stick.


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