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My FireFox Extensions

This is the list of extensions I have installed for FireFox.  The stared ( * ) extensions are what I consider absolutely necessary and install on any machine I have FireFox installed to.  I’ve required FireFox and AdBlockPlus to be installed on all the boxes in the offices I manage. 

Though there is a bit of description below, do check out the web sites for more detail. 
*Adblock Plus – Blocks ads and popups — This is a MUST if you browse the net. Options are good, on/off “switch”
Auto Copy 0.6.4 – Just like mIRC, this will automatically copy any text you highlight.  On/Off “switch”
Blog This in Windows Live Writer 1.0.1 – I use Windows Live Writer to write my blog posts, and sometimes I want to write about something I’ve seen on a web site — one click to the Blog This in Windows Live Writer, and I’m all set to do so.
BugMeNot 1.3 – Um.. this is nothing. Don’t look here.  I never use this.  Nope.  Not me. 
CustomizeGoogle 0.60 – Just as it says, this extension allows for customization of Google – everything from how many search results come back, to removing ads from various Google apps.
Download Statusbar 0.9.5 – Shows the status and information about downloads. One click to open them.
DownThemAll! – Handy utility to download multiple items on a web site
Google Notebook – Surf and keep notes, images, links, etc.  Kind of nice when you are shopping around for something, or doing research on a project.
*Google Toolbar for Firefox 3.0.20070525W – Just what it says — a toolbar full of Google stuff. Quickly access all of Google’s apps and sites. Geolocation Plugin
ListZilla 0.8 – Makes this handy dandy list, with links — A good way to make sure you have at least a backup list of extensions for FireFox.
Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) 3.371 – A skin — and yes, I love this.  Live with it :P
Nuke Anything Enhanced 0.54 – Kills animated gifs, ads that blink, or just about any annoyance that AdBlock doesn’t get.
Resurrect Pages 1.0.8 – Using cached versions on various servers, you can see some web pages using this addon
Sage 1.3.10 – RSS feed reader built into FireFox.  I have to say that I used this for quite a while, but with the new/updated Google Reader, I have uninstalled Sage.  I like the flexibility of being able to get feeds from anywhere I happen to be.
*ScrapBook – This is just too good to summarize here.  One of my favorite extensions for FireFox is ScrapBook.  Save web pages, web sites, catalog them, view them locally, and offline. 
ScrapBook BackupHelper – Backs up your ScrapBook sites
StumbleUpon 3.06 – A fun waste of time.  View web sites, by category, added by users.  Interested in Photographs, select Stumble Photos and stumble though a series of web sites dedicated to photos.  Stumble allows you to create topics of interest to you, and as you rate them, finds sites similar to your tastes. 
*Tab Mix Plus – Lots of options for using Tabs.  Undo a closed tab, save the open tabs to bookmarks, etc. etc.
View Source Chart 2.5.02 – View the source of a page in a  hierarchical & colored format.
Web Developer 1.1.4 – Even if you are not a developer, this extension is excellent. 
*Wikiseek Search Extension – A nice search added to WikiPedia giving a lot better search result information.

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