Heavy Metal Genealogy

14 August, 2007 - Tuesday


I thought this was rather cool — especially as I like Metal.  Click to expand the graphic.



Fun trivial reading:


15 Responses to “Heavy Metal Genealogy”

  1. cash Says:

    I didnt see any pantera!! and if it werent for them we would still be stuck in the grunge stage.

  2. Azet Says:

    this is just a resume, of what every genre started with, im sure there a lots of bands missing in any genre, but. i dont think that guy woudlve stopped and list EVERY band in every singe genre

  3. lawdy Says:

    Exactly so, as Azet put it. If this were complete, it would be at least 10x larger than it is.

  4. MD Says:

    Its has a few things wrong like Cradle of Filth are from the UK and are not Norwegian ;)

  5. ofcourse there not nowegian, this time table if from the documentary heavy metal : a head bangers journey, and states that even though they are under this category, in brackets it had (uk), to symbolise that they are uk based but follow the same genre with similaar if, not the same ferocity and raw aggression that norwegian black metal bands base there lyrical and musical themes upon

  6. Dylan Says:

    awesome list…i think this list is kool…thanks

  7. Sten Sarapson Says:

    Corrosion of Comformity is Southern metal,Hatebreedis Hardcore,Suicidal Tendencies is crossover-trash\Hardcore,Candlemass is doom,Children of Bodom is Melodic death and nobody knows what the fuck were The Melvins…
    And where the fock is Doom,Sludge and Southern rock…

  8. Sten Sarapson Says:

    Sorry bout the grammar…
    I was angry…
    (Has this guy even heard Corrosion of Conformity)

  9. Lawdy Says:

    Yeah. I dunno if he has or not – it’s a neat list, and kinda cool but it is missing a lot of things, too

  10. luico140 Says:

    I agree, Children of Bodom is Melodic Death, NOT Thrash. Big mistake !! And First Wave of Black Metal was basicly Thrash Metal with satanic lyrics, i think it’s wrong to state that derives from Original Hardcore.

  11. Vulcan Says:

    WTF??? Whats with this list, Opeth isnt goth!! Opeth is clearly progressive if youve ever listened to it. And Pantera and COB isnt thrash. Pantera is groove and COB is melodic death metal, I think, its hard to catogorize COB.

  12. Lawdy Says:

    I dunno if I would categorize Opeth as Goth, but I don’t think it is progressive either. And Pantera as groove?? Err.. No way!!!

  13. sten sarapson Says:

    Pantera is a mix of Groove and Trash…
    So he got one thing right…

  14. Mel Says:

    Ummm…how could you miss TOOL??? They’ve definitely be influenced by the progressive metal and original metal sounds…i.e., Rush and Black Sabbath…

  15. Lawdy Says:

    well, as I didn’t create the image, I didn’t miss it.

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