Sweetness for you..

Words of Love

by Kupadowt

I seek the words of love
I feel for you
I need you
to know I love you

I found
love words in others’ poetry
but the words don’t touch me
and I seek more-
there must be more

Words of depth
are not deep enough
and words of love filled souls
are not loved

Words of longing hearts
do not reach my heart
and words of lips to kiss
cannot know
my longing

Words of touching
cannot explain the ache
I have to
touch you

And words of lovemaking
are devoid of feeling
after knowing

How will you know
I love you?
The words of love,
my love do not


by Melissa Susan Hensley

Oftentimes I wonder… do you dream of me?
Or wish that you could hold me close,
For all eternity?

Do you ever see my face, when you close your eyes?
Or wish that I were in your arms,
Watching starry skies?

Would you dare to kiss my lips, if I gave my heart?
And would you gently touch my face,
Wishing never to be apart?

Would you like to dance with me? (Your arms would hold me tight.)
Or wish that you could hold my hand,
Where it always fits just right?

Do you ever want me near, to hold me close forever?
And wonder what it would be like,
For us to be together?

Oftentimes, I wonder, how much we let it show,
That we’ve been in love forever,
And we didn’t even know.

3 thoughts on “Sweetness for you..”

  1. Oftentimes is my poem. I don’t mind people posting my work, hoever the last line here is wrong. It should read, “and we didn’t even know.” Please make this correction. Thank you!


  2. I absolutely love this poem — Thank you allowing me to post it. And the line is fixed — and works ever so much better.


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