The best definition of ‘remarkable’


I’m listening to Pratchett’s books as I drive to/from work.. and these lines made me laugh so hard, I had to come home and copy the line out — I’m already enjoying Pratchett, and I’ve just started ‘The Colour of Magic’

Pratchetts definition of ‘remarkable’, as spoken in the language ‘Trob’:


‘At last!’ He said. ‘My good sir! This is remarkable!’

(Although in Trob the last word in fact became ‘a thing which may happen but once in the usable lifetime of a canoe hollowed diligently by axe and fire from the tallest diamond wood tree that grows in the noted diamond wood forests on the lower Slopes of Mount Awayawa, home of the fire gods or so it is said.’).


Okay.. maybe not funny to everyone, but I liked it.

Get over it. 


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