Have A Crappy Day

One of my favorite pieces from George Carlin, who died today at age 71…


There is a problem with the term, "Have a nice day." It puts all the pressure on you. Now you have to go out and somehow arrange to have a positive experience. All because of some loose-lipped clerk. Have a nice day, indeed! Maybe I don’t like feel like having a nice day. Maybe – just maybe – I’ve had 27 nice days in a row, and I’m ready for a crappy day. You never hear that, do you?

"Have a crappy day?"
"Why, thank you. Right back at ya!"

A crappy day, that would be easy. No trouble at all. No planning involved. Just get out of bed and start moving around.

Some people always seem to be "great." Not me. I don’t give them any superlatives; nothing to gossip around. I tell them I’m "fairly decent." Or "relatively okay." I might just say, "I’m moderately neato." And if I’m in a particularly jaunty mood, I’ll tell them, ""I’m not unwell, thank you.



Thanks for the laughs, George.

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