Fun stuff

Blogs are like Tattoo’s…

Blogs really are like Tattoo’s – once you have one, you have to have more.

I’ve got a few ;)

This Food Thing — My recipe and food blog

This Life I Lead – this blog — just of funny, serious, random things that I like

This Ebook Thing – for my ebook friends, and channel – just links, some information, and various articles found on the web about e-books.

And a new one which is co-written by a friend — Beer or Wine – Two Continents, Two Countries, Two People, Two Opinions. One Blog..– Just our opinions on various topics – we’ve just started it, and so we’ll see how it goes.  Already, it’s a fun blog to have because we can express a lot, with another opinion, on the same topic.  I think it’ll be a lot of fun. Of all of the blogs I have, I think that Beer or Wine will be the easiest, and the hardest to write for, because now I am not just writing for myself, but for another person.

I’ve made a promise to myself, though — No more blogs!! I wonder…. Is a 12-step program for Blog Writing Addicts?

It’s not like I have all /that/ much to say.  But then again, maybe I do

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