12 Panel Abstract



The weekend I painted this was a really nice one, though I was a bit sick.  Most of the time I painted, I was listening to a 1970’s playlist — you know.. Leo Sayer, Bee Gees, Andy Gibb, The Doors, Led Zep, so the focus of the paintings went everywhere.  I had a grand time, and want more of these little canvases to play with.  They are 5×5 canvas.

I’m not quite finished – I’ll paint black around the edges of each canvas.. and then figure out how I will mount these.  Still not really sure how I’ll do that.


One Response to “12 Panel Abstract”

  1. Christine Says:

    I love this block of work. Ummm….but why don’t I see it hanging in your home??? We must work on that. It’s to good to sit where ever you’ve put them. This is a project….and I have and idea on how to put it together and get it on your wall. :0))


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