Found: One Trunk for “Art Junk”


trunk1My son and I went out to breakfast yesterday, and on the way back, stopped at a garage sale.  We weren’t there 5 seconds when he spotted this trunk.  I’ve wanted one like it for years, and we have been on the lookout for one.  So, I walked over to it, looked at it for all of 3 seconds, and gave my $20 bucks to my son so he could pay for it.  Just in time as the woman behind him wanted to buy it too.   My son turned to her, and even without asking why I wanted this particular trunk so much, he said “Sorry, this is for all my Moms’ art junk.”  She laughed and then as fast as possible, we loaded it into the car, drove home, and carried it up the stairs. It’s a lot heavier than it looks, let me tell you.  I spent the next couple of hours cleaning it up.  It was made about 30 years ago, or so, and for the last 10, has been sitting in a garage.  It needed a lot of TLC and elbow grease.

Once it was done — all the dirt, leaves, spider webs, and a bit of mildew/mold were totally cleaned up, I oiled it a couple of times with orange oil and let it dry for the afternoon.  I should have let it dry overnight, and then oiled it again, but I just couldn’t resist putting all the painting things inside, just so I could see. 


I’m in love with this — it’s going to be fantastically handy.  I live in a (relatively) small apartment, and all the things that go along with painting and artsy stuff kind of grows and grows and trunk4grows.  This will really help contain that growth a bit. 

I especially like the drawer with separators – perfect for brushes.  The drawer underneath can hold all those other little things I use — sponges, scrapers, etc.  The other two drawers for paint, and the top section for larger items, such as the tabletop easels, palettes, the table-top protectors (fancy language for an old towel and some old placemats), water containers, mediums, etc.

When the lid is closed, it will be a nice place to put various paintings in progress, but even with it open, the lid has a wide lip, where I can put drying canvas to age.  This just thrills me to no end.



I painted a long while tonight, and am even more happy, as this really did help me to stay organized – A real must in a small place.  I am pretty sure I’ll outgrow the drawers that hold the paint, but with so much room on the top part of the trunk, I don’t think that’ll be any problem.

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