Whisper, Acrylic on Canvac, 16x20
Whisper, Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20

When I first got back into painting, I was pretty afraid, tbh.  Intimidated by the canvas, intimidated by the paints, and generally, unsure of myself.  So, thinking back to what I was interested in, I went online, and found Susan Osbornes “Abstract Landscape III”.  I immediately fell in love with the painting she created, and decided to try my own version.  This is a.. how shall I say it.. a confidence builder.  Yeah, I could still put the brush down, baby ;).  Not as well as Ms. Osborne did in her beautiful series, but enough to remember that painting was still here for me.  I sincerely hope she does not mind.

The reason, other than the fact that I found Ms. Osbornes series of Abstract Landscapes just so beautiful, is because, a while ago, I wrote a poem about trees.. and I liked the idea of combining her vision of a small gathering of trees, and the poem I wrote just to see what I could do with them both. (See here, for the poem). I loved the ideas of the trees so close together, because, perhaps like Ents, they had come together to have a chat, and whisper their secrets to each other.  And maybe to me, if I listened carefully.

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