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Rebuilding the GOP

This was posted as a comment on Reddit – and since the author gave explicit instructions to “Please feel free to copy and re-post the above.”, I am.


As the GOP seeks to ‘rebuild’ they risk splitting up in to their current factions:

  • Panhandling “Free Market” Republican Wall Street Executives
  • Those who are to the far right, including the Constitution Party, Libertarians and the MFWFJ (Mindless Flag-Wavers For Jesus)
  • Republican Witch Burners for Ultra-Low Taxation of The Rich
  • The coalition of Mormons and KKK Members (MKKKM)
  • A new party called “The Rabid Bible Thumpers (RBT)”
  • The AWEE Party: Assault Weapons for Everyone Everywhere
  • Old Style Republicans (GOP)
  • Racists (GOP II)
  • The Over-60 crowd of old-style, self-hating gays who will help root out the commies!
  • THE RPTC (Ron Paul and his Two Cousins)

ROFLMAO.  Really.

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