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My Response to FW FWD EMails

Talking to some friends tonight, and shared one of the ways I respond to forwarded emails, and I thought I should share it here, as well — enjoy.  And feel free to use it ;)

As you sent me this forwarded email you had time to read, I’m positive you’ll have time to read this:

  1. I’m an atheist. I can’t be saved, prayed for, helped, or anything by your god, gods, or whatever you call him/her/it.
  2. – you’ll see
  3.– just do it
  5. Cute animals are cute, but I own a cute cat, had a cute dog, and don’t need to see pictures of every cute animal you find on the freaking net
  6. No, you won’t get anything back, win anything, or help anyone by replying and sending an email to 50 of your closest email buds
  7. No, good luck doesn’t end if I don’t forward your email
  8. I add all fw or fwd emails directly to spam, and reply with this lovely email.

But thanks anyway!!


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