Aw, George, We’ll hardly miss ya

This is the last official day of President Bush’s political career – He will no longer be my President.  And at least 51% of the US population will cheer tomorrow when Obama is inaugurated.  The tears I weep tomorrow when he is sworn in are a lot different than the tears of fear, anger and outrage at the two inaugurations of GWB.

I am not sad to see him go.  It has been a hellish 8 years.  And I know, like many people in the US, that we have a long, long way to go before we can get out of this pit we’ve been standing in.  It will take a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and willingness to change, and make our country good again.  There is a lot to be done domestically, as well as internationally – I just hope we can repair the damage done by Bush, and sooner than later.

I will say this, though — I must admit to liking a few things about George.  Not much, mind you, but here is the list:

1.  The best thing about GWB, were his.. err.. uhh .. you know.. Yeah.  The stupid shit he said:

2.  There is no 2

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