Changes, Poetry


I’m not really sure what happened with me this past week, but all of a sudden, I cannot seem to keep pen from paper, or my fingertips from entering line after line of poetry (my style),  into my journal.

I wrote:

Lately these
words are like
water, flowing out
of me like a
river in flood
the currant is so fast
i can hardly keep up
but years of lost words,
silenced by fear, have
burst free and
cannot be contained

What I say there about ‘years of lost words’ is really true. I used to always write poetry as a way to express myself, my feelings, and my thoughts. It helped me to understand what was happening in my life, and to be able to deal with those things in a better way.

But the past few years – especially after the divorce, and the accident, I stopped really writing poetry. I think it was a way to hide from my own self. So I did not have to deal.

It was really happenstance that has brought me back to writing again. A friend (Al), writes a lot, and shares his poetry. Though his style is completely different than my own, I always like to read his stuff. I was talking with him about it one day, and showed him a few of my own poems. And from that point, words, lines, little thoughts, incomplete ideas just jumped into my head and I have been, most literally, unable to stop the flow.

I won’t over-think this — I’m just going to let it happen, and enjoy it.  And subject you all to it.  ;)

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