It’s a moving experience

Back now.

Yes, that was a long break, but my excuse is that I moved.  And so had to pack the apartment, move everything to a temporary place, and then, once I could actually move in, move everything again. This had to be done because it was just my son and I moving, and there was no way we could move everything ourselves in the time I had – 1 work day.  I couldn’t move in before the first of May, but I had to be out by the 30th of April.  We packed, and moved in 2 weeks.  We moved everything to a friends house, and parked it all in his dining room for one weekend.  And then moved everything from his house, to the new apartment.

So, I basically moved twice.  In 2 weeks.

I decided to move about the 15th of April, looked at quite a few apartments in the area I wanted to be, found one, gave notice, signed a lease, gave a deposit and did all that in 3 days.  It was quick and fast.

I wasn’t too sure about the new apartment — it seemed a bit smaller – my son’s room is for sure smaller.  But the rest of the apartment – living room, kitchen, and my bedroom are all larger than the previous apartment.  I think the high ceilings in the old apartment were incredibly deceiving, making the rooms seem larger than they actually were.  And, indeed, the new apartment rooms are bigger – I measured ;)

Moving out of Yonkers was probably the hardest thing to do.  Leaving Yonkers was a thrill as I have never liked living there.  The hard part was the 37 stairs.  When we moved in, those stairs killed us.  But, like child birth, the pain of that move went away.  Until we started caring boxes down to the car – 100x.  it would take 20-30 minutes to load the car, with me moving carefully down the stairs after I fell and broke myself.. again.  We’d then drive 45 minutes, unload the car in 10 minutes flat.  30x. Once the real move in day came, getting boxes from the car, up the stairs was a true joy.  There are only 3.5 stairs.

Yes, 3.5 stairs.


I’ve never been so glad to be out of a place as I was Yonkers.  Not sure how much better this new place will be, but already I am feeling happier — trees, green, flowers, birds..I think I could be happy here.


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