Atheist comes out from behind the curtain…

I read a lot of Atheist Blogs.  I read them almost every day.  I like the fact that I can keep up with what is going on, as well as feel somewhat a part of something..being somewhat connected, even though don’t always participate in the conversations.  I’m no activist — I don’t speak out much — I haven’t had much to say on the subject, other than I am an Atheist.  And if people don’t like it, they can fuck off.  Yup..that is my mentality.  I think I have lived with it for so long that pushing my own thoughts, feelings and general lack of any respect for all organized religion out there for the world to hear — I just got tired of aruging.  But….  I should be more vocal.   I’ve been too damned quiet about it.  Perhaps standing on the roof of the local church (and there are 2 on the street I live on, 4 within 5 blocks of my house), might not be a great idea, but I think, in my own limited way, I should speak out more.

My reason is as follows — I read a few posts on My Sister’s Farmhouse that really inspired me.  Rechelle, the author of the blog, has recently become an atheist and has written a few really amazing posts.  She wrote a parable about her experience, the end of which sent me to tears:

She especially knew that she did not believe in the bible.
Because the bible was completely full of shit.
So she walked away from her church.
And she went back to her dark house.
And she tore the curtain off the window.
And light streamed into the room.
And she danced in the golden beams.
And warmed her hands in the silvery streams.
And the glorious light bathed her mind and filled her heart.
With the truth. The truth. The truth.
There is no god.
And it was good.
And yeah…
She was going to die.
But she was not going to hell.
Because there was no hell.
When she died… she died. It was over. That’s all.
And it made every second of her life much more precious.
Because now, every minute needed to be spent well, spent carefully, spent honestly and spent joyously.
And also spent telling the christian homeschoolers that they are COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT TOO!
And that is how I (the woman in this story in case you couldn’t tell) became an atheist.

See?  Damn, I just teared up again.  Her article entitled “Former Christian Apologizes for Being Such a Huge Shit Head for all Those Years” was just fantastic.  I look forward to seeing what else Rechelle has to say. She really has inspired me to write here more often on my own thoughts on being an Atheist.

I really wish Rechelle well on this new journey into life that she has jumped onto.  There will be times she she feels totally alone — losing that community that a church gives you is hard to do — so, in case Rechelle happens up on this non important post of mine,  and just because I felt like it,  is a list of the Atheist blogs I read keep up with:

A few links from this blog:  My Atheism and Death and Grief as an Atheist

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