Donohue calls child rape victims “Gold Diggers”



Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights here in the US calls the children who were raped by Catholic Priests, “gold diggers”.

What a fucking moron.  Rape victims are gold diggers?!?!  Catholic priests have been molesting children, and these victims are gold diggers?? 

And this is the head of the Catholic League in the US?  WHY, oh WHY am I not surprised. 

Yes, this is old, but dammit – it’s relevant today.  The Catholic church has been hiding these rapists and pedophiles for far too long.  Along with the head of this Catholic League, the Pope has been hiding and denying these rapes occurred. 

Morally outraged.  And completely unsurprised.

People are confused why this next generation has become more and more Atheist?  With the likes of the Catholic Church, the LDS and extremist fundamentalist groups like the Westboro Baptist Church, it’s a real wonder.

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