Day 1, Switzerland, September 15-16, 2011






Bern, Switzerland was the second stop on this trip.  Our only real mission here was to hold to a promise made to Laurie’s friend, Emily, and take her back to Switzerland and place her ashes in the river. 

The river was beautiful, as you can see below. To get to the river, it was a steep hike down about a mile.  Not too bad going down, but holy hold on to the handrail, batman, because I felt as if every bit of my body was going to die on the way up.  Steep is an understatement.

Bikes are everywhere — and I mean everywhere.  100’s and 100’s of them.  Far more than in Paris where they are popular and WAY more than in New York, where few use them. 

Many of the “sidewalks” are covered for blocks and blocks, with every type of shop you can imagine – high end to low end, electronics to chocolate.  We were there too late at night, and going to the river too early to see many of them open, but a few that were open amused us….  Coffee shops are all over the place.  To stand out from each other, they sell other things as well..such as lingerie and vibrators.  I can just hear the order — “I’ll take a large coffee, with milk, the number 3 pink 8 inch vibrator, extra batteries, and the edible panties.  And a strawberry danish.”

Beautiful place — I wish we had more time there, as we saw little, but enjoyed it so much.  I really want to go back again and explore the way I am doing in Paris.  (More on that another post).

1 thought on “Day 1, Switzerland, September 15-16, 2011”

  1. Sounds great. The pictures are wonderful Michelle. So beautiful. Wish you had more time there. Miss you lots!!! And so does Clio!


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