Day 2 — Paris, September 16-17, 2011


Quintessential Paris — cafes and bistros everywhere.  Perfect for people watching.

I think I’m in love with Paris.

We had such an amazing time yesterday. The previous 2 days were spent traveling and Friday night we just passed out.  Saturday was spent walking and orienting ourselves to the ways of Paris.

A few things I have learned..

The sidewalk .. closest to the buildings is for walkers.  The lightly green striped section closer to the street is for bicyclists. And stay out of that “lane”, or you may get run over. And many (though,not as many as in Switzerland), bike.  There are also scooters and motorcycles in use everywhere.

The French are very..French.  No more needs said on that ;)

There are amazing alcoves of life and living that just astound me.  Turn a corner and you are off a busy avenue and into a quiet residential neighborhood.  Walk a block further and find the childrens park, full of parents & children, flowers, and statuary.  A few blocks further into this quiet neighborhood and you are at the Musee Picasso.  (Closed, however, from Sept 2011 to 2013!!).  The incredible serenity of this particular area made me want to enjoy every second and take it all in to my mind, so that I may savor the memory of it for years to come.

I am off to find out more today…with a bagauette in one hand, and my Paris map in the other.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ]

Typical street in Paris
Don't fall!!
Hotel Room at the Holiday Inn, Paris (Across from Gare de L'Est
Thomas Jefferson's Twin
Loads of train tracks behind Gare de L'Est


2 thoughts on “Day 2 — Paris, September 16-17, 2011”

  1. I am sooooo happy your having such a wonderful time. I can’t wait to hear more about it as it unfolds.


  2. I want to hear all about it when you come back! Plan on a marathon Skype session. Be safe, and enjoy the f**k out of yourself!


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