Day 4, Paris, September 19, 2011

Day 4 of Paris, and we moved from the hotel room we shared near Gare de L’Est.  The hotel was nice — different than in the US in that a “double room” in the US is two double beds.  In Paris (and Switzerland), it means two twin beds, in a tiny room.  Laurie and I get along, and are best friends, but boy-oh-boy, after 3 days of sharing a hotel room, did we ever need our own space.  We didn’t see much of each that first evening we were at the apartment…. heh

The apartment was in the Montmartre section (18th), just steps (literally), from Sacre Coeur.   While it was quite nice, and with the exception of the balcony’s and French doors, it wasn’t all that.. French.  More Swedish, really.  Large living room, 2 bedrooms, decent bath, and a laundry — for less than 1/2 the price of a hotel room – and the privacy sharing a hotel room does not afford.  We are best friends..but..really?! We both needed our own space to retreat to.


[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ]

3 Flights of these, and you get a bit dizzy..heh
I tried it..once.
Perfectly small and functional
A nice size - with the bonus doors that we kept open almost all the time
Where we spent a lot of time
Window in my bedroom, which opened onto the courtyard
The courtyard
Stairs up to Sacre Coeur
Yoplait sells AMAZING!!! Yogurt, in these terra cotta pots. So unfair we can
Looking down at the stair way from the balcony, to the left
Looking up the street from the balcony, to the right
OMG -- Thank goodness Nutella isn


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