Day 6, Paris, September 21, 2011

4 November, 2011 - Friday

My experience this particular day was quite amusing.  At least, to me.

I’ve wanted to see the Louvre for as long as I can remember.  I was pacing around the apartment, ready to go before the tea was even fully steeped, and the sun risen.  We finally got on the Metro, and came up at the Concorde.  Greeting me was the Obelisk of Ramses II.  We walked down Rue de Rivoli (our 3rd time there) and straight to Joan of Arc, across the street from the Louvre.


[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ]


Off the Metro, to the Place de la Concorde, and the Obelisk of Ramses II


Joan of Arc, on Rue de Rivoli


The first bit of the Louvre I saw

I looked up at the building, as I did almost every other building in Paris, and I could feel my heart just pounding.

We were ready to turn the corner, to walk on to the plaza at the Louvre, and I promptly burst into tears.  I cannot remember when I have been that emotional about being or seeing something.  I stood there with tears coming down my face, and turned to Laurie, who also started tearing up, just because I was.  I felt like I was in a slightly foggy cloud.


Here is where I burst into tears


And more tears..and I had to pinch myself


An iconic image, yet so incredibly out of place.


Nothing is left undecorated


Just amazing


Inside, looking up and out


A bit of the inner workings


My pic of Mona, from 15 feet away, with 100 people in front of me, and my camera held above my head


How tiny Mona is


Endless corridors filled with artworks


Yes, more doors


A Princely crown


On and on, everything touched by art


Marble & Bronze -- so freaking cool


HUGE paintings


Ghostly sculpture -- how did they do the veil??


One of the many Ingres paintings


I had a “bucket list” of things I wanted to see when I visited the Louvre.  The actual paper list I had left at home, because I thought I wouldn’t need it — I’ve had it memorized for so many years.

However, when you are overly emotional, and so freaking excited you can hardly breathe, you tend to forget which way is up, and how to walk.  Needless to say, I saw a lot of things on my list, just out of luck.  But many things were forgotten and will have to wait until my next visit.


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