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What is wrong in Arizona?!?!?!

Seriously, what the hell is going on in Arizona???? The misogynists seem to be having some sort of “lets subjugate all women” party, and coming up with incredible craziness.  Yes, you guessed it.  Yet another way to deny women.

The Arizona Judiciary committee, with a 6 to 2 vote, decided to endorse HB 2625, which would give employers the right to deny health insurance if a woman is using contraceptives, unless she brings a note proving she is not using it as birth control.

BRING A NOTE?!?!  What the fuck is this, kindergarten?  Bring a note to prove you are not taking birth control for birth control?!  Who, in their right minds, thinks this is seriously okay?

Every day, every single day there is a war going on against women.  And every day I wake up, read the news, and shake my head and wonder how we got here.  I’ve begun to realize how.

We are too quiet.  Democrats are too quiet.  Women are too quiet.  We don’t say enough how wrong things have become when a state government of the United States brings a thoroughly disgusting bill such as this one to the table.

When, exactly, did it become okay for religious groups, and religion in general, to dictate what health care can and cannot cover?

Is there some passage of the bible I may have missed, which says that Thou Shalt Not Give Health Coverage To Those God Has Deemed Unworthy?  (And by “god” in that last sentence, I really mean “Man”).

I just want to vomit.


2 thoughts on “What is wrong in Arizona?!?!?!”

  1. I also read about how your doctor does not have to disclose if your having a child with serious medical issues that you would possibly abort for. If the doctor is against abortion he does not have to tell you your going to have a child with Down’s, Trisomy 18, or any other kind of condition that may make you decide to end the pregnancy. WTF??? How are they justifying this outrageous behavior???? What happened to full medical disclosure of your own medical situation?? I’M JUST AS PISSED AS YOU ARE SISTER!!!


  2. Personally, I haven’t experienced this sort of thing my self. Being a guy living far away from Arizona, the situation is different for me.

    Nonetheless, this is WRONG. Totally and utterly wrong. I am fine with religion, but I don’t think that it should dictate what every person does; each person has the right to their own religion; therefore, no religion should make decisions for each and every person. If your religion decides birth control is evil, then don’t do it; if your government decides that birth control is evil, then get a different government. That’s the only solution I can think of.

    What is wrong with our country?!


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