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I bequeath myself…

I took this picture recently on a trip to Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  This was taken just north of town, off of Route 71 North.  The Walt Whitman quote I used was in my head this entire day, and when I saw this tree, and the grasses that surround it, I knew the quote and image (if I could get the shot I wanted), would be perfect.  Well, it is pretty good — not perfect, by far, but it’s been years since I tried to take “better pictures”.

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2 thoughts on “I bequeath myself…”

  1. I find myself returning to your ‘This Food Thing’ blog frequently for the challah bread and quick flat bread recipes. Today, I noticed that you also write this blog. I got goosebumps reading your blog about your trip to NE. I grew up in Potter, NE and still have many relatives in Kimball, Scottsbluff, and the surrounding areas. I’ve driven that stretch of 71 many many times. When I’m back, I find it hard to believe that I ‘came from there’. It feels so foreign. I’ve since lived in Seattle, and now live in CO near Estes (strangely coincidental). Thanks for the reminder about the meaning of home. Cheers to finding your home, and cheers to you.


  2. It does feel so foreign. The whole time I was there I kept saying to myself — “how did I get out of here” and “I can’t believe I came from here”. I look at who I have become, and really wonder if I had not left, who I would have been? What would my thoughts be? Would I love art so much? And music? Would I have met the most amazing and interesting man I love? I really doubt it.


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