Stage 1 – Wash everything well, allow to dry, and then pack carefully

Stage 2 – Dust everything well, and then pack carefully

Stage 3 – Fuck it.. bring the dust and throw it in the box as is.



Jaw dropping…


This guy is ready to be packed. His expression mirrors my own!


Packing is messy


Map of Estonia

Map of Estonia

(Roll over the image, starting with the first one)

Pics are from 2017 in May.



I decided to move to Estonia because I was tired of waiting for moments that never come. My life has been, to a certain extent, on hold, because the decision to move was a damned hard one. Leaving everything here in the US vs. being with the man I love and adore. A damned hard decision. And at the same time, an easy one.


The move got real today. Seriously real. I packed my books. Packed. My. Books. I can pack my clothes, pack my dishes, pack the household crap that I have… But when I pack my books, that’s it… I’m really moving.

It’s a hell of a lot less than it was all those years ago when I had 50 boxes plus. This time it’s about 21 cubic feet. Last time would have been about a 130 cubic feet. I kept the books that mattered to me then, and now they (and the ones I have bought since) are coming with me.. across the Atlantic, to live on bookshelves my husband has built for them.

Moments are right now Reality has set in. The books are packed. New moments are ahead.

This packing and deciding what to keep is rather overwhelming. This image perfectly sums it up..LOL

However, I’m not going to start Netflix until after dinner this evening.

Really. I promise.


Well..maybe just a few minutes?



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